Mid-Atlantic Alliance for CME (MAACME)
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About Mid-Atlantic Alliance for CME (MAACME)
MAACME is a non- profit organization created to promote quality continuing medical education in the Mid-Atlantic region.  The Mid-Atlantic region covers PA, MD, NJ, DE, VA and NY.  MAACME works collaboratively with the Alliance for Education In the HealthCare Professions and other organizations to support the professional development of educators who provide continuing education to the health care team. 

    President - Erica Klopp, MS, CHCP
    Vice President - Rich Tischler
    Treasurer - Laurel Humbert, CMP 
    Secretary - Roxanne Bolinger, MS, CHCP

    Bonnie Bixler - Chair                                          Chanise Reese-Queen - Chair
    Ron Arthur                                                          Ari Hernandez
    Frank Berry                                                        Lucia Tono  
    Laurel Humbert
    Belinda Rose                                                    
    Patricia Levy                                                  NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE
    Wendy Robinson                                               Cheron Rust – Co-Editor
    Donna Stout                                                      Wendy Robinson – Co-Editor
    Rich Tischler                                                      Amy Cavanaugh
​    Ari Hernandez                                                   Sarah Davis
    Mila Kostic                                                         Rodman Campbell
    Paul Miniter                                                       Terri Ellison
    Donald Nelinson                                                Katherine Molnar-Kimber
    Karen Tenaglia                                          
    Kim Vadas                                                
    Ruwaida Vikil                                             
    Barbara Zosh                                            

We are always looking for volunteers for committees and subcommittees. If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at maacmeinfo@gmail.com  and let us know what your talents and interests are.